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What kind of accommodation would you like? A secluded cottage in the Gotlandish countryside, a room in the heart of vibrant Visby, or a holiday village by the shore and the sea? Choose from family-run B&Bs, modern hotel chains and exclusive design hotels.
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With our modern ferries you reach Gotland in approx three hours when departing from Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn or Västervik on the Swedish mainland. During the summer you can choose from up to 21 daily departures to Visby. On board the ferries you find a restaurant, bistro, shop and a children’s cinema.
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Music, theater and entertainment. Here you can buy tickets to concerts, shows and events on Gotland.
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Here you’ll find experiences and activities for young and old. From deep relaxation to high-flying adventure.
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Rent a bicycle for a day trip or a whole bicycle holiday. Number of gears and types of accessories are your choice. Children's bicycles also available. Or how about a classic tandem! Add on a bike trailer and tent if you want!
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Our wide range of rental cars include new and used cars of various standards and sizes. You can also find modern electric cars in various sizes.

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