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Eagle Safari

9 Maalis 2019 - 19 Huhti 2019
Tilaisuus: Näytä kaikki

Nature On Gotland there is 55 pairs of Golden Eagles (probably the worlds most dense population) and 45 pairs of White-tailed Eagle. A very special experience is promised and your chan...

Smartphone Nature photography

7 Huhti 2019
Tilaisuus: 0:00

Nature Smartphone Nature Photography If you like the Nature, photography and have a smartphone – this is your workshop! Gotlands Nature is photogenic Gotland is a beautiful island. ...

Night Safari - experience the magic sounds of the night

29 Touko 2019 - 7 Kesä 2019
Tilaisuus: Näytä kaikki

Nature Enjoy the magic sounds of the summer night. Join a night safari and feel the magic sounds from Natures own musicians. The late spring is the time to hear sounds of the night. D...

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