Rone - S42306

Alue: Gotlanti

4 vuoteet

1 bedroom

Yksit, mökkejä, asuntoja, houneita | This holiday home is in Rone located in southern Gotland. This home built of limestone is situated on the property of the landlord. There is a bedroom on the top floor with two single beds and 2 travel beds and are separated by a screen. There are no doors between the first floor and second floor. There is a rocking chair and a television in the corner kitchen. Upon arrival, you can make use of the washing machine shared with the landlord and also rent cot and high chair for children. Uggarde Roir in Rone is the largest facility that dates back to the Bronze Age. Rone also has a marina and harbour for small boats. Visby is just 58 km away.


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Tästä majoituksesta

  • Kapasiteetti
    3 rooms Vuodepaikkojen määrä 1 1 showers 1 WC 4 bed(s)
  • Varustus ja palvelut
    Cold and hot water Electricity included Electrical heating Lemmikit ei sallittu Winterized/Fully insulated Tegel-/stenhus
  • Kitchen
    Jääkaappi Kahvin/teenkeitin Electrical stove
  • WC ja suihku
    WC ja suihku Suihku
  • TV, radio and Internet
    TV Wireless Internet (free)
  • Muut palvelut
    Garden furniture Grilli/Grillipaikka Yhteinen piha Golf course Deep Sea fishing
  • Parkkipaikka
    Parking on grounds