Lärbro/Grannen, STF Hostel

Osoite: Norrvangevägen 1, 624 52 Lärbro  näytä kartta
Sijainti: Pohjois-Gotlanti inkl Fårö
Vieraiden pisteet: 81% (56 kohteista 69 Suositeltu) (10 Arvioinnit)

retkeilymaja | Grannen is located in a lovely wooded area north of Lärbro. We boast 34 rooms, double rooms (without bunk-beds) and a family rooms, divided into four separate houses.
We have a resturant and gym you can also make use of while you stay. We are members of Hostel International, so the price you see here is membership price only. If your not a member, you pay a small additional price at check-in (or you can also aquire membership if you chose).
Additional cost is 50:- (skr)/ adult and 25:-(skr)/children per night.

Next to the best the island has to offer. 91 beds in 34 rooms devided into four houses. A fully-licensed restaurant that offers a fine swedish breakfast buffet to hostel guests. We boast Gotland’s largest gym, massage, naprapath, sauna, solarium, and more.
In every house you find a kitchen, shower room, wash room and TV. The reception desk is located in Helheten spa and gym.

The resturant (Grannen) is open everyday during the summer season, (weekends only during the off-season). We serve everything from breakfast, pizza,and salads to a number of ala carté dishes.

Helheten, Gotlands largest gym is included in what we offer. Here you can train on your own or with the help of one of our professional trainers. The gym is approx. 1300 m2 and has 50 individual training stations. Hostel guests pay a special reduced price to train. Helheten also has a sauna, tanning bed, hair and nail salon, pedicurist, massage, naprapat, clothing butique and much more.

We also offer conference areas on location for 10 - 100 people.

Lärbro is located in the centre of north Gotland (see map) and is therefor a great home-base for your holiday on the island. Only 15km plus a ferry ride to Färö, 8km to Slite, Lummelunda is only 30 km and approx 35 km to Visby. The southern most tip of the island isn't more than 15 swedish miles. Stay with us and you use your time wisely.

We are members of Hostel International, so the price you see here is membership price only. If your not a member, you pay a small additional price at check-in (or you can also aquire membership if you chose).
Additional cost is 50:- (skr)/ adult and 25:-(skr)/children per night.

Getting married? Family gathering? Roadtrip or something else, call us and we'll be happy to help you.
Groups driving at the Ring check our group bookings.

Tupakointi kielletty

”Vi är mycket nöjda !”

Suositeltu kohteessa Anonyymi
Ruotsi Ruotsi (pe 15 syys 2017)

”Att bo på Grannen/Lärbro innebär att man har nära till många intressanta platser. Fårö, Lummelundagrottan, Gotland ring, Slite, Visby, Roma är bara några platser du ha nära till. Det finns ruiner, raukar, badställen, källor, utkiksplatser, second handbutiker, hantverk, trädgårdsbutiker m m inpå knuten. Fiskelägen dä...”

Suositeltu kohteessa Tulle
Ruotsi Ruotsi (pe 28 heinä 2017)

Vieraiden pisteet 81%

(56 kohteista 69 Suositeltu)
Yleismielipide 3,7 of 5
Services 4 of 5
Hostelcondition 3,7 of 5
Facilities (shower, wc etc) 3,4 of 5
Cleaning 3,5 of 5
Value for money 3,4 of 5

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    24-tunnin check-in Yhteinen keittiö Konferenssihuone Pesu mahdollisuuksia Yhteinen WC Internetti Yhteinen ruokapaikka TV-huone
  • Muut palvelut
    Sauna Grilli/Grillipaikka
  • Parkkipaikka
  • Special requirements
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Rauk area
  • Lickershamn 17 km
  • Lergrav 12 km
  • Kyllaj 10 km
  • Holmhällar 100 km
  • Hoburgsgubben 105 km
  • Hammarshage 99 km
  • Gamle Hamn 25 km
  • Folhammars 50 km
  • Digerhuvud 28 km
  • Boge 12 km
  • Lummelundagrottan 23 km
  • Fårö 19 km
  • Visby Flygplats 30 km
  • Visby 34 km
  • Slite 10 km
  • Roma 37 km
  • Ljugarn 52 km
  • Klintehamn 57 km
  • Hemse 66 km
  • Fårösund 18 km
  • Burgsvik 90 km
  • Visby Färjeterminal 35 km
Golf course
  • Visby Golfklubb 55 km
  • Slite Golfklubb 8 km
  • När Golfklubb 62 km
  • Ljugarns Golfklubb 49 km
  • Gumbalde Golfklubb 60 km
  • Gotska Golfklubb 32 km
  • Åminne 20 km
  • Tofta strand 52 km
  • Sudersand 34 km
  • Snäckviken 30 km
  • Slite Badplats 10 km
  • Sandviken 44 km
  • Norderstrand 33 km
  • Nisseviken 81 km
  • Ljugarn 52 km
  • Ireviken 13 km
  • Gustavsvik 31 km
  • Brissund 26 km
  • Blå Lagunen 16 km
  • Kneippbyn Sommar- och Vattenland 38 km
*Distance on map is a straight line

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