Camping on Gangvide Farm

Osoite: När Gangvide 503, 62348 Stånga  näytä kartta
Sijainti: Etelä-Gotlanti
Vieraiden pisteet: 86% (6 kohteista 7 Suositeltu) (4 Arvioinnit)

Leirintäalue | Put up your tent or park your caravan or motorhome at The Gangvidefarm and enjoy life amidst ducks and chickens, soccer goals with horses grazing in the paddock “next-door”. Take part in all the activities of the farm and in its environment, go fishing or canoeing in the river of Närsån, take care of the small animals or challenge your friends in a table tennis tournament

When staying at the Gangvidefarm you are always welcome to participate in farm activities - you may wish to feed the small animals, pet the horses or have a look in the garage and feel a little nostalgia about our collection of old vinyl records and collections of various kinds of gadgetry.
Within a 2 km distance from the farm you will find a sandy beach, an 18 hole golf course, a well stocked ICA grocery store, bicycle rental, a chocolate factory, the Amphitheater of Närsakar, the “Linnaeus Trail” footpath and a sports area with tennis court.
We are in the middle of one of Eastern Sweden’s most interesting bird conservation areas with two observation towers 2 - 3 km away offering multiple viewing points.
In our service building on the farm tourist information for the entire island of Gotland is provided where you will find hints on excursions to make, perhaps finding gems that are overlooked by others. The service building also has toilet and shower facilities and a kitchen and barbecue, also providing outdoor furniture for our guests. Choose to start your day with a hot cup of coffee, or enjoy our breakfast buffet seated on the quay - a good start to the day that gives you energy for your excursions and other activities.

The Gangvide Farm is situated near the Southeastern coast of Gotland, about a 50 minutews drive from Visby and a 20 minutes drive from Hemse. If you arrive by bus, please contact us in advance so we can come and pick you up at the bus stop at Ethelhem’s church.

All who work here speak English.

Lemimikkieläimet sallittu

”Bra boende till lågt pris.”

Suositeltu kohteessa Lena
Ruotsi Ruotsi (ti 24 heinä 2018)

”Familjärt, avslappnat, frihetskänsla och bra service där ingenting verkade omöjligt. Som en utlandssemester långt bort fast i Sverige.”

Suositeltu kohteessa Anders
Ruotsi Ruotsi (ke 18 heinä 2018)

Vieraiden pisteet 86%

(6 kohteista 7 Suositeltu)
Yleismielipide 4,3 kohteista 5
Service 4,7 kohteista 5
Facilities (kitchen, shower etc) 4,3 kohteista 5
Cleaning 3,9 kohteista 5
Value for money 4,7 kohteista 5
Condition 4,4 kohteista 5

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At the Gangvidefarm we can offer various types of accommodation and breakfast in rooms, cottages and caravans with a lot of nostalgic feeling, beautifully situated on the farm next to the river Närsån. Ducks and chicken roam freely on the premises where there is also a soccer goal and horses in a paddock. A modern service house is provided with shower and toilet facilities, a kitchen, a barbecue and outdoor furniture. There is also a Tourist information and a breakfast café.

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