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Truffle Brunch Smakrike

17 Nov 2019
Area: Eastern and mid Gotland (0 mi. to Ljugarn)  Map Guest score: 100% 10 of 10 recommended

Tryffelfestivalen Rickard Hasselblad, 2012’s Truffle Chef of the Year, invites you to a truffle brunch at Smakrike krog och logi. Rickard and Lotta serve a delicious buffet with truffle in many o...

Kneippbyn's Summer & Waterland

20 Jul 2019 - 25 Aug 2019
Area: Visby and surroundings (26 mi. to Ljugarn)  Map Guest score: 93% 75 of 81 recommended
Occasion: Not specified

Kneippbyn Kneippbyn’s Summer & Waterland with Villekulla Cottage and entertainment for the whole family.


20 Jul 2019 - 16 Aug 2019
Area: Visby outside the city walls (26 mi. to Ljugarn)  Map Guest score: 94% 128 of 136 recommended
Time: Show all

Kneippbyn, Children & families Krogshow

Fascinating Truffle Seminar

16 Nov 2019
Area: Visby inside the city walls (27 mi. to Ljugarn)  Map Guest score: 88% 7 of 8 recommended
Occasion: 11:00

Tryffelfestivalen Welcome to a popular science seminar with invited international guests and participation of this year’s truffle chef, led by truffle scientist Christina Wedén.

Gourmet Truffle Banquet

16 Nov 2019
Area: Visby inside the city walls (27 mi. to Ljugarn)  Map Guest score: 100% 8 of 8 recommended
Occasion: 16:30

Tryffelfestivalen We begin with an atmospheric Truffle Ceremony at the Cathedral. After the ceremony, we walk down to Clarion Hotel Wisby where we mingle and enjoya six-course truffle-themed gour...

Truffle Festival Package

16 Nov 2019
Area: Gotland (27 mi. to Ljugarn)  Map Guest score: 89% 8 of 9 recommended
Occasion: 0:00

Tryffelfestivalen The perfect weekend for those who long to enjoy truffle. Saturday offers interesting seminars, an atmospheric ceremony at the Cathedral, a fantastic six-course gourmet banquet w...

Exciting Truffle Hunt

17 Nov 2019

Tryffelfestivalen Truffle has often been called the black gold of the forest. Truffle can be found in Gotland’s beautiful oak and hazel tracts. On Sunday 18th November, you will get the opportuni...

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