Exciting Truffle Hunt

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Truffle has often been called the black gold of the forest. Truffle can be found in Gotland’s beautiful oak and hazel tracts. On Sunday 18th November, you will get the opportunity to join an experienced truffle hunter in the grounds in Rute, near Roma or in Ljugarn.

You will learn about truffle in the ground, truffle in cooking and how truffle dogs work. It is fascinating to watch the dogs at work. Different truffles have slightly different aromas. During the hunt you will be able to smell the truffles as they are pulled free from beneath the ground surface. Each truffle hunter has his or her opinion as to how truffles should be used in cooking. During the hunt, participants and hunters often discuss how to get the best out of truffles and their taste in cooking.
Experienced truffle hunters and trained truffle dogs will be on hand throughout the truffle hunt.

Clothing: Warm, comfortable clothes and waterproof shoes or boots.

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