Gotlands IdrottsCenters Cottages

Address: Kustparksvägen 10, Fårösund

Area: Northern Gotland incl Fårö


88 %

Recommended by 30 of 34 guests

Cabins | Throughout the year we offer sojourn 200 meters close to the sea, in short distance to the sund separating the main island of Gotland from the smaller island Fårö, master director Ingmar Bergman's dream island with it's famous Raukar - natural stone sculptures, Viking graves and fine beaches of stone or sand and a nature reservation with a pine forrest. The cottages, adjacent to Gotland's best-equipped sports complex, in which you can train your fitness to your hearts content, are located in Fårösund, about 55 kilometers north of the World Heritage Hanse Town Visby. Training and swimming are included in the rent!

Fully equipped with a kitchen, shower & toilet, TV, Broadband Internet and air conditioning, each house does have an area of 34 square meters and features two bedrooms (bunk beds, 90 cm wide) and a living room (sofa bed with 160 cm width). On the site there is a shared barbecue for our guests.

Pets are only allowed in home No.1.

The cottages are located right next to Gotland's best equipped fitness center, having indoor swimming pool, sportshall, gym, tennis court, beach volleyball court, beach soccer field and treadmill offers. The swimming pool is from first day of June to July 1th closed for annual renovations and for cleaning.

In the vicinity you will find both an ICA supermarket as well as a gas station. The free ferry t...

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