Accommodation on Gotland

Southern Gotland
Fide Anderse 222, Burgsvik  Map
Guest reviews: 67% (2 of 3 recommend)
Camping | Burgsvik is a popular destination on the countryside. One hour drive south from Visby, 7 km north of Burgsvik, you’ll find this new campsite in Fidenäs!

Southern Gotland
När Gangvide 503, 62348 Stånga  Map
Guest reviews: 89% (8 of 9 recommend)
Camping | Put up your tent or park your caravan or motorhome at The Gangvidefarm and enjoy life amidst ducks and chickens, soccer goals with horses grazing in the paddock “next-door”. Take part in all the activities of the farm and in its environment, go fi...
Pets allowed

Southern Gotland
Prästgården 152 (Hablingbo), 623 42 Havdhem  Map
Guest reviews: 91% (59 of 65 recommend)
Hotel | Hotel Magazin1 in Hablingbo is an impressive, unique old building with traditional Swedish red-painted walls, offering accommodation and comfort.
Restaurant Smoking not allowed

Southern Gotland
När Bomunds i Burgen 924 B, 623 48 Stånga  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (2 of 2 recommend)
Hotel | Strandakar Hotel & Restaurant, a newly build design hotel on the east coast of Gotland.
Restaurant Smoking not allowed Disabled-friendly

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