Accommodation on Gotland

Northern Gotland incl Fårö (Coastal)
Nyhamn, Lummelunda, 621 71 Visby (3 mi. to Brissund)  Map
Guest reviews: 97% (31 of 32 recommend)
Hostel | Lummelunda hostel has one of Gotland's best situations, located close to the sea. To experience the moment the sun ends its days journey with a sparkle on the horizon is a treasure to bring in to the darkness of winter.
Smoking not allowed

Gotland (Coastal)
Tranhusgatan. 33, 621 56 Visby (6 mi. to Brissund)  Map
Guest reviews: 95% (40 of 42 recommend)
Hotel | Breda Blick Hotel consists of two centenary buildings located in Visby's beautiful city center, right next to the Botanical garden.
TV Restaurant Smoking not allowed Pets allowed

Visby inside the city walls (Coastal)
Hästgatan 14, 62156 Visby (6 mi. to Brissund)  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (10 of 10 recommend)
Hostel | Visby Accommodation has two hostels and they are both centrally located in Visby downtown area.
Smoking not allowed

Eastern and mid Gotland (Coastal)
Katthamra Gård Jakob Häggsväg 66, 62369 Katthammarsvik (26 mi. to Brissund)  Map
Guest reviews: 71% (25 of 35 recommend)
Hostel |
Smoking not allowed Pets allowed

Northern Gotland incl Fårö (Coastal)
Kustparksvägen 10, 62470 Fårösund (27 mi. to Brissund)  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (17 of 17 recommend)
Hostel | The Hikers Home is located in Fårösund, 300 meters away from the sund separating the main island of Gotland from the smaller island Fårö, master director Ingmar Bergman's dream island with it's famous Raukar - natural stone sculptures, Viking grav...
Smoking not allowed Disabled-friendly

Fårö (Coastal)
0498-22 35 36, Sudersand, Fårö, 62467 Fårö (36 mi. to Brissund)  Map
Guest reviews: 88% (72 of 82 recommend)
Hostel | A nice priceworthy youth hostel on Fårö. You have one of Gotlands nicest beaches just 200 meters away. Fårö has an ability to affect. When the famous profile of film and theater, Ingemar Bergman, visited Fårö for the first time the encounter wa...
Smoking not allowed Pets allowed Disabled-friendly

Not bookable

Northern Gotland incl Fårö (Coastal)
Ireviksvägen 68, 62454 Ireviken (11 mi. to Brissund)  Map
Hostel | Situated 30 km north of Visby lies this charming accommodation only 40 meters from the beach. Ihreviken comprises of an attractive 2 km long bathing beach bordering Gotland’s largest nature reserve. A favourite place to enjoy half-way to Få...
Smoking not allowed

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