Visby Innerstad Stora Torget

Adresse: Stora Torget & Södertorg, Visby

Gebiet: Visby - innerhalb der Stadtmauer

96 %

Empfohlen durch 49 von 51 Gästen

Apartment-Hotel | Very nice and centrally located apartments at Stora Torget in Visby. Close to restaurants, Entertainment, shops and the harbour. You would stay in the heart of the world heritage small city Visby, with the medieval time just around the corner.

At the top of the square "Stora Torget" you will find our beautiful apartments in the very same building as the famous restaurant Bolaget.

The amount of pubs and resstaurants you will find in Visby is surprising, considering the size of the city. You can always enjoy a great dinner closeby, either an authentic swedish dish or why not some It...

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