Visby Harbour Electric Car Rental

Adresse: Visby Gästhamn, Hamnen, 62157 Visby Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Visby Gästhamn, Hamnen, 62157 Visby

Driving an Electric car is easy, comfortable, quiet and economical. You simply recharge your car at one of the many visitor outlets spread across the island and it’s free! Or use one of the four convenient `fast charging` stations placed strategically north, centre and south of the island.

We will equip you with a map displaying all the stations. We also recommend you download the App ‘Elbilslandet’ that will tell you about the places you are are visiting and best of all, take you straight to the specific charging station!

Renault Twizy: 395sek/3hours, 495sek/day or 695sek/24hours
Nissan Leaf: 695sek/day, 795sek/24hours
Nissan Evalia: 695sek/day, 795sek/24hours
Renault Zoe: 695sek/day, 795sek/24hours
Nil charge per mileage and you don’t have to return the car fully charged.

If you want to rent a car today or just for a few hours, please contact Visby Gästhamn directly!

From the 1st June and 15th September we are open between 09.00-19.00

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