The great rappel

Adresse: Högklint Visby Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Högklint Visby

At Högklint - Gotlands highest cliff, the view is spectacular. People come here for the amazing panorama view, but not everyone have the guts to try the 50 meters rappel.

Rapell (also called abseiling) is a rope technique used to get down a cliff. We use harness and belay device to get down the climbing rope. You don´t need any previous climbing skills. First we practice to get you warm, to finally rappel all the way down to the shore - 50 meters below. It´s a thrill you´ll remember - we promise.

The nature reserve, five kilometers south of Visby, attracts many visitors - specially in the summer. It´s easy to get here, either by bicycle, car or on foot.

- Trained and experienced instructors.
- All necessary safety equipment.

Recommended age limit: 15

If the dates or time doesn't suit you it's possible to book a different day. Get in contact with Morgan & Skoog.

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