S.U.P introcourse - 2 hours with people

Datum: Donnerstag 3 aug 2017 - Samstag 19 Aug 2017

Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) is an amazing experience and workout for your whole body, practiced of all ages. Your coordination, mobility and balance will be challange and at the same time you will get a great surfexperience!

Stand up paddleboarding is originally from Hawaii. During the 60´s the Hawaiians used the big board paddeling in the water teaching their surfstudents. The increasing popularity for S.U.P is because it´s easy to learn combined with the great experience on the water!

We will give you an introduction to the sport together with an experienced instructor. You will learn all the techniques how to get up on the board, paddeling and how to get a good balance.

The price includes rental of 2 boards, paddles, wet suites and life vests.

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